well guys its been awesome here at doodleda for me…..but now moving onto bigger and greater things!! a new project i started with one of my freinds which is going to be an international effort into making a blog awesome!! all the posts that I had here will be migrated into the new blog….you can find everything that you read here and much much much more awesome, crazy and fun stuff contributed by really awesome people at our new site:


Visit the new site and check out all the new stuff we are brewing up in out cauldrons!! we are still fixing the site up at the moment (June 9th 2013) but its still up and running and we are making awesome progress everyday!! please visit the new site here after as this site will be shut down from the end of July 2013. This site will not be updated anymore and all updates will be at our new site!! cheers guys, hope to see you are the new site 🙂